As a responsible citizen of the Planet Earth, I try to have a balanced life. In its all diverse spheres I try to apply principles of economy, rational use, and smart choice. Outer as well as inner sustainability matter to me. I believe you can only improve your wellbeing, if you practice balance in all your deeds. Not being too strict to yourself. Not overeating. Not being a consumption freak. Not overusing water. Not being too extreme to your environment. Not overwhelming tourist destinations with your presence. After small steps come big changes.

I apply this thinking in my pleasures, too. When I travel, I first of all seek for interaction with nature and solitude. Only being left with my thoughts tête-à-tête can give me total relaxation. Isn’t it one of the main reasons why we travel? Definetely change of familiar landscapes and routine play a vital role, too but we all mainly seek for physical and emotional freedom from stress when we get on our next journey. I hence share here my experiences on how travels could be different and enriching at the same time. Enjoy!

For some more travel inspirations, you can also refer to the itinari websitea platform that brings you unconventional travel insights from local writers, tour guides, and journalists. You might even find there someone’s familiar tips and tricks 😉