I am here to help you out.

Germany-based I work worldwide with clients in various time zones.

Web Content Production

Need your website to be furnished with blog articles, SEO-fiendly descriptions, graphics, and more but overwhelmed what’s out there? Fair enough. Sometimes you struggle with getting creative with your content. Sometimes deadlines and consistency are not on your side. We all have been there.

So, let me help. 

As a web content writer I ensure that organisations meet their communication and information needs by:

  • setting clear goals for the content produced
  • providing excellent skills in research, design and writing
  • understanding various online audiences and targeting them respectively
  • making sure the generated content is of high-quality and consistency
  • offering a wide range of content formats.

content formats

Blog posts




Social media assets


Web Content Management

Your organisation already owns the content management system like WordPress or Drupal but there is no specialist in-house to take care of your content? 

Feel lost in confusing URL paths? Or simply do not fancy complex media repositories and accessibility guidelines, yet often you have to deal with them in the daily business? 

Or anytime you try to add some color to that important paragraph, all you see is this evil string “<sbg!y# …” over and over? 

I have some ideas how to fix it. 

Experienced in several CMSs I can support you with the website customisation, ongoing maintenance (content upload and quality assurance following the company’s brand guidelines), text editing, HTML/CSS writing, handling of images and other rich media files, setting up landing pages, URL management, bug-fixing, and website migration.


Every project is unique, as is every client. Hence, I do not have one fixed rate but rather a quote that I can tailor to each job. Once I have a briefing from you, I can provide you with a transparent quote and time estimations. When we’ve agreed on the rates, I can start my job. Payments will be done through invoices.

"I and my colleagues were happy to work with Elena on the German version of our website. That was a great job. Elena has translated all the texts for users' interfaces (tons of texts sometimes without any context!) and has covered all cases. I'd like to emphasise the high level of professionalism and competence that she has shown. We will definitely work with Elena again. I'm looking forward to our next cooperation." 

Irina Matsanova, 
Head of Content at S7 Airlines

"I hired Elena as a local writer to produce unique stories on Siberia, which she conducted exclusively remotely and in English. Elena is a creative copywriter who easily identifies topics of interest and presents them in a new, undiscovered way. Great content curator!"

Ljiljana Krejic, 
Chief Content Officer at itinari