Fischbrötchen or Hamburg’s absolute favourite takeaway


In no other city I visited or lived before was fish’s presence so overwhelming. Dominating Hamburg’s menus, it’s encountered here in every way possible. A fried herring or salmon fillet with potato wedges, a fish soup or Bismarck herring with chips —  all this belongs to Hamburg just as the harbour or Elbphilharmonie. But out of all this diversity a fish sandwich or Fischbrötchen is undoubtedly Hamburg’s absolute favourite takeaway. Continue reading “Fischbrötchen or Hamburg’s absolute favourite takeaway”

Why to pack your suitcase immediately and head to Riga?

Conveniently located and easily accessible Riga presents a great historical and cultural hub to plan your next trip to. Straddling the border between Tallinn and Vilnius, it is also less than an hour and a half from Stockholm and Moscow. Continue reading “Why to pack your suitcase immediately and head to Riga?”