Chief treasures of Zabaikalsky National Park: from lakes to bears

Ever wondered what’s out there in a remote Siberia? I bet some wild bears just crossed your mind. However, the second biggest out of eight Russian Federal Districts, this region is also home to the best ecotourism destinations across the country. One of such must-visit places abundant with nature treasures is Zabaikalsky National Park. Continue reading “Chief treasures of Zabaikalsky National Park: from lakes to bears”

A daring escape from Hamburg or how to embrace Bremen in 10 hours

Although Hamburg offers abundant touristic attractions, exploring nearby surroundings won’t go amiss. Especially if this nearby destination can boast in everything its big brother has if not more. Right, I am talking about Bremen. Continue reading “A daring escape from Hamburg or how to embrace Bremen in 10 hours”

Why to pack your suitcase immediately and head to Riga?

Conveniently located and easily accessible Riga presents a great historical and cultural hub to plan your next trip to. Straddling the border between Tallinn and Vilnius, it is also less than an hour and a half from Stockholm and Moscow. Continue reading “Why to pack your suitcase immediately and head to Riga?”

Join 10 MILLION BETTER Campaign now

Sustainable Travel International is a non-profit organization that works towards better tourism. Based in the USA, it strives for the right balance between economic development, green growth, and protection of natural and cultural assets globally. Continue reading “Join 10 MILLION BETTER Campaign now”


Without the participation of intuition, sensibility, and understanding, photography is nothing. All these faculties must be closely harnessed, and it is then that the capture of a rare picture becomes a real physical delight (Henri Cartier-Bresson).


Life is so full of little enjoyable occurancies we often stop noticing at our day-to-day frenetic pace. That’s why every now and then I like to step outdoors with my camera hanging from the shoulder. Nowhere else as on nature, a timeless muse, you can feel so sensitive to the beauty of the surrounding world. Either unusual patterns found in leaves or Zen-like calmness of water, all natural scenes and landscapes have a story to share. Take a minute and get your moment of delight. All photographs are taken with Canon EOS 100 D.



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