Camping in Denmark: great spots for outdoor breaks

Scandinavia is known for its high-priced lifestyle but also for a multitude of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. True wilderness, viking adventures, foraging for wild berries and mushrooms is Continue reading “Camping in Denmark: great spots for outdoor breaks”

A daring escape from Hamburg or how to embrace Bremen in 10 hours

Although Hamburg offers abundant touristic attractions, exploring nearby surroundings won’t go amiss. Especially if this nearby destination can boast in everything its big brother has if not more. Right, I am talking about Bremen. Continue reading “A daring escape from Hamburg or how to embrace Bremen in 10 hours”

3 reasons to consider a cruise trip from Hamburg


Just before I moved to Hamburg, things like a sea voyage or multideck ships still sounded to me like pure fiction. At its mention I would have this typical image of turkey-cocks slowly traipsing around the deck, yawning, and sipping Martinis. However, after several weeks Continue reading “3 reasons to consider a cruise trip from Hamburg”

Fischbrötchen or Hamburg’s absolute favourite takeaway


In no other city I visited or lived before was fish’s presence so overwhelming. Dominating Hamburg’s menus, it’s encountered here in every way possible. A fried herring or salmon fillet with potato wedges, a fish soup or Bismarck herring with chips —  all this belongs to Hamburg just as the harbour or Elbphilharmonie. But out of all this diversity a fish sandwich or Fischbrötchen is undoubtedly Hamburg’s absolute favourite takeaway. Continue reading “Fischbrötchen or Hamburg’s absolute favourite takeaway”