Hi again,

here is Elena, a 28-year old looking for her next working opportunity.

As a Master of Arts in World Heritage Studies I am interested in projects related to culture, tourism, and development. My working experience and versatile character make me a good fit for a role as a communications all-rounder. I can help you with content, storytelling, copywriting, localization, and translation.

Already as a kid I liked to listen and VISUALIZE. During kindergarten times, I attended a painting school where I played with my creativity.



Later in the school I enjoyed literature and languages. The idea of what a person can achieve with right words and messages excited me ever since.

A BA in English and Cultural Studies equipped me with a tool I can use to connect people and interpret their messages professionally. Whereas a MA programme in World Heritage Studies taught me how to connect culture and tourism through sustainable management strategies.

Being an active volunteer of the environmental NGO Great Baikal Trail and a keen eco-traveler, I also try to make more people aware of ecological and volunteer tourism. In my spare time I enjoy biking around the city, taking photographs of nature, and reading.